szchwan food pix

Wok On The Wild Side

I love Chinese food; well, most of it anyway. I’ll leave the sea weed, rumaki (chicken livers) deep fried whole fish and chicken feet dishes to those with more adventurous palates. I realize that Asian cuisine offered in this country has been dumbed down for American tastes and that’s how I was first introduced to it with a can of ...
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Suzan , Zoey and Joe at Easter this year.

Does Time Really Fly? Yes!

It must be spring because Linda and I have sprung into action to clean things up around our place. The warmer weather was a motivating factor, of course, but so was news that it was our turn for the Project N.I.C.E. program in which residents are allowed to take all of their unwanted bulk items out the curb and the city ...
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dad's t hack

Fit To A Tee

(From the L@L archives) My dad was one of the million or so guys who suffered a broken arm trying to crank start a Model T Ford. Long before cars had electric starters, the only way to fire up the four cylinder engine was to turn it over manually using the crank provided in front. Trouble was if the spark wasn’t set ...
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shirley funeral pix

Remembering Shirley

I recently told a woman I loved her..and it wasn’t Linda. Now don’t get concerned..Linda knows all about it and understands completely. My conversation last week was with my very first love; Shirley Jensen.. who died on Good Friday after a three decade long painful fight with cancer.  “I love you too,” she said knowing we’d never speak again. Actually, we’d hardly spoken ...
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Confessions Of A TV-Aholic

 "Hello, my name is Doug and I’m a tv-aholic." "Hi Doug." (responds the coffee-slurping crowd through clouds of cigarette smoke.)   There, it feels good to finally get that off my chest and fess up to a condition I’ve had since childhood…when dad brought home our very first television set a Caphart, (black and white, of course) in 1954. That was the opening  paragraph to ...
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Me And The DMV

I’m a procrastinator. I don’t know why. I wish it were not so..but putting off until tomorrow what I could and should do today is part of  my DNA. It’s not a very encouraging characteristic for someone who made his career in television news where being late is not an option. I never missed an assignment but put myself and my bosses through needless ...
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Buy You A Beer?

I don’t like beer all that much. Oh, on a hot day after mowing the yard or playing a round of golf, a beer is pretty refreshing..but usually, one or, if it’s really hot outside, two is enough.  I have lots of friends who really love beer and plenty of it but if I were to partake on their level I’d ...
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Skiing Cars

I’m Norwegian. 100% Norsky which means I should have a genetic disposition for seafood, hard work and winter sports. Perhaps a DNA check is in order because I really don’t care for any of those things..except for maybe shrimp if it’s breaded or part of a Chinese stir-fry. I also don’t ski. Not a lot of slopey  terrain to hone one’s skills in the ...
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Cutting Out The Cataract..Oh My.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about a trip to the optometrist which confirmed my suspicions that the cloudiness of vision in my left eye wasn’t due to dirty glasses but a cataract.  Well, I’m writing this on the eve of surgery to correct the problem and don’t mind telling you that the idea of having my eyeball sliced open ...
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Fighting Over Money

Sometimes when I have a hard time falling asleep, I close my eyes and imagine that I had just won the Powerball Lottery Jackpot and over 600 million dollars. Oh, man…what would I do with all that money? I know it’s not very Christian to have such fantasies, “the love of money being the root of all evil” and all that. We may ...
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