Reflections on a Keltgen cap, an old farmer and the chittering call of happiness

It was the Keltgen Seed cap that captured my attention. You don’t see those much anymore. And this one looked almost new. A pleasant-looking fellow named Raymond Schweiss was wearing it this morning on a replay of Due North Outdoors, a Fox North show I watch from time to time. I was in the kitchen, scrambling kale and sweet pepper ...
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Loved ones carry burden of grief five years after anguished call: “Officers down!”

Late in the afternoon five years ago today, I was just settling in for my night-reporter shift in the Rapid City Journal newsroom when I heard something on the police scanner I'd never before heard: "Officers down!" Officers down? Officers? My Lord! That's a "runner" for a news reporter. You run out of the newsroom and run to your car ...
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After she tells Bryon and the kids, she’s telling me

Kristi Noem promised today that I'd be no worse than the fifth person she tells when she makes a decision on the 2018 governor's race. "How about if you're one of my first five that I call when I've decided," she said. "How's that sound? I'll make that commitment to you, all right?" That's not bad, when you consider she's ...
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If you think Thune likes Hillary please raise your hand

Here’s what I think about John Thune and Hillary Clinton. Just like Barack Obama in 2008, Thune thinks she’s likable enough. He won’t say that. He can’t say that. But I’m pretty sure it’s true. Thune dislikes Clinton’s political philosophy. And he’s probably put off, as I am, by her unwise use of a personal email server while she was ...
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Nothing “pending” about the size of that salmon!

Darrick Koch of Watertown holds the pending state-record salmon -- 31.54 pounds -- caught last Friday on Lake Oahe near the face of the dam. The record is pending because Geno Adams, GF&P's fisheries program administrator in Pierre, has been out of the office and won't be back in until Thursday. He's the guy who signs off on new state-record ...
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Precocious Pierre 13-year-old hauls in 127-pounder, takes paddlefishing bronze

Luke Leingang, 13, of Pierre took this monster paddlefish over the weekend on the Missouri River near Chamberlain, fishing with his dad, Aaron. At 127 pounds even, it was nine ounces shy of the state record. His dad awarded him the unofficial bronze in South Dakota paddlefishing. But Aaron Leingang was wearing gold-medal pride at the monster paddler his 13-year-old ...
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